Planning of decommissioning is the key for safe and cost-effective removal

Planning of decommissioning is the key for safe and cost-effective removal

On Wednesday 20 April 2022 a new edition of Offshore Seminar will take place. The theme of this edition is Decommissioning & Recycling. Through a full day programme, industry players will discuss the various aspects of the end-of-life cycle of offshore structures such as oil and gas platforms and wind turbines, but also vessels.

Dutch law stipulates that offshore platforms or wind turbines in the North Sea must be removed at the end of their official life cycle. During Offshore Seminar, leading industry players share their unique experience in dismantling and processing of offshore structures.

In addition, the sustainability of the dismantling process of offshore structures will be discussed. To what extent can offshore constructions be recycled or re-used? What are the challenges, and, more importantly, how can they be overcome?

Introduction first speaker: Pim Reuderink, Tecnical Manager Nordics and Netherlands at Bureau Veritas

Planning of decommissioning is the key for safe and cost-effective removal

Pim Reuderink holds a senior manager position at Bureau Veritas. He has worked in several operational and staff managerial roles, in addition he represents the company in several programmes and committees.

During the past decade, Reuderink has been actively involved in offshore safety and leading in setting up independent verification bodies in Europe. Previously he was actively involved in the development of offshore wind farms and their certification.

Currently – and in keeping with his passion for the energy transition – he is engaged in the North Sea Energy programme to provide support related to offshore hydrogen production on behalf of Bureau Veritas. Within the stakeholder and client base of Bureau Veritas he is currently developing services for re-use of structures, realising an energy island in the North Sea, hydrogen production and transportation.

Decommissioning is holistic

During Offshore Seminar, Reuderink will explain the importance of planning of decommissioning.

Reuderink: “Planning of decommissioning is the key for safe and cost-effective removal. An integrated design for decommissioning starts in the front and not at the late life of an asset. On-going evaluation of the decommission on the topics of re-use and recycling could support the speed of the energy transition and have a positive effect on the estimated removal cost at the moment of decommissioning.”

A holistic decommissioning process can be determined also in a later stage, he adds. Combining the decommissioning with other operators could have an advantage or ready to remove strategy to capture any slot of an available vessel.

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Specialists in offshore energy

Offshore Seminar is organised by Brandmarion, a specialist in offshore networking, and Windpowernl, which together with the platform Windenergie-nieuws.nl informs about the (Dutch) wind industry.