Martin Bruins

Re-use of offshore Oil & Gas production facilities

Only a small portion of offshore Oil & Gas production facilities are currently being re-used worldwide. Tomorrow, during Offshore Seminar in Rotterdam, Martin Bruins, Independent Consultant at Platform Brokers, a full services consultancy for offshore O&G facilities decommissioning, removal, disposal and/or re-use, will elaborate more on this topic.

What are the reasons for limited re-use and what are the key elements for successful platform re-use? Martin Bruins will discuss the options and benefits of reusing offshore production facilities for other Oil & Gas developments.

About Martin Bruins

Martin Bruins is an Oil & Gas Professional with 35+ years experience across multiple disciplines in the offshore oil and gas industry, including field development, floating production systems, marine terminals, offshore pipelines, offshore facilities, production engineering and operations, reservoir engineering and drilling.

Bruins held Sr. Management positions with engineering consultants, contractors and operators including Petrofac Integrated Energy Services, Bluewater Engineering Services, INTEC Engineering and Unocal.
Since 2016 he is owner of Pharos Offshore Consultancy BV, a consulting firm catering to the offshore oil and gas industry, including partnerships / associations with Platform Brokers Consultants and Energy Investment Company BV.

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