Wout Stapel Van Oord

Entire monopile removal in the offshore wind industry

Wout Stapel Van OordThe offshore energy industry is not only developing innovative solutions for constructing offshore structures, it is also looking at the end-of-life cycle. During Offshore Seminar, our speaker Wout Stapel will share his research on complete monopile foundation removal in wind farms.

Wout recently started working for Van Oord as an R&D engineer after finishing his master Offshore and Dredging Engineering at the TU Delft. His interest in the offshore industry comes from his heritage of a family owned shipyard in Spaarndam. During his study he was a member of several boards and had the opportunity to go to Dubai and Bangladesh for wind related projects.

Entire monopile foundation removal

In the European seas, around 4,500 monopiles have been installed or are under construction. All these foundations eventually need to be decommissioned. Because most permits allow for partial removal, it is expected that around 1.6 million tonnes of steel will be left in the seabed.

Wout’s research examines the feasibility of potential techniques that can be used for entire monopile removal. In the end, the most competitive, safe and environmentally friendly technique is selected and validated. During Offshore Seminar, he will share the outcomes of his research.

Provisional programme available

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