Newsletter 9 January


09 January 2018. More and more offshore companies are expanding their activities into renewables. Some companies, such as former DONG Energy, have even fully stepped out of fossil fuels. So, what will the future offshore energy landscape look like? With renewable energies becoming more competitive, is there a role for fossil fuels or are we moving towards a fully renewable offshore energy mix? What innovations will drive the changes? Join us on 15 February at Offshore Seminar 2018!

An interactive day aiming at providing answers on:

  • Financial climate for offshore energy – who invests where and in what?
  • What is the ideal future offshore energy mix?
  • The future grid – what is needed?
  • Dutch offshore innovators – how to enter the (international) market and how to find the right partners?
  • Knowledge sharing between young and old – where and when to begin?

Find below information about our speakers, more to be confirmed soon.

Mr. Richard Brakenhoff is a senior industry analyst at Rabobank. He covers the global developments at several sectors, such as at dredging, oil & gas, steel, and transport. Before working at Rabobank, he was active as an equity analyst covering the same sectors, and as a result he analyses the sector for some 28 years.
Mr Brakenhoff will contribute with an overview of the current status and outlook for the offshore energy mix, its financial climate and the role for innovation.

Mr Joep Athmer, Managing Director Van Oord Offshore & member of the Management Committee of Van Oord. As a large, Dutch offshore company with a long track record operating in both fossil fuels and renewable energy.
What can we learn from Van Oord Offshore’s experiences up to now moving into renewables, what do they envision will be the future offshore energy mix and, perhaps even more important, how can we best share knowledge, amongst industry peers but also involving the next generation at an early stage?

InnovatieLink. As sector association for Dutch innovative companies, InnovatieLink will explain the importance and need for innovative products and services in ensuring the energy transition and required cost reductions are realised.
How innovative is the Dutch offshore industry? What are the aids but also the challenges in entering the (international) market with a new, innovative product or service?

InnovatieLink will be joined by Next Ocean, Jules Dock and ECE Offshore, the three finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovation Award. Each of them has developed innovative solutions that will benefit the offshore industry.
Learn from their experiences and take home the do’s and don’ts throughout the process of accessing the market with a new product or solution.

NAM & HSM Offshore Dutch engineering company HSM, with a track record in constructing production platform for the Dutch offshore market, and Dutch oil and gas company NAM have jointly developed a gas production platform that has limited the energy input by incorporating, amongst others, solar pannels and wind turbines.  Is this project a stand alone case or will we see more synergy? What will or should happen with installed platforms at the end of production? Share your thoughts!

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