Newsletter 8 February

8 February, 2018 12 February 2018. We are counting down! With only a few more days to go till we all gather at the Mainport Hotel for Offshore Seminar, we are happy to provide you with new updates on the programme.

Have you not registered yet? Here’s why we think you should join us! Learn from, and discuss with, energy experts and innovating companies the following topics:
* Financial climate for offshore energy in the Netherlands
* What is the ideal future energy mix – is there a role for conventional energy sources?
* To what extent will onshore developments (such as off grid solutions) impact energy production in the North Sea in the future?
* What is the need for innovation?
* The need for energy storage and the challenges currently found

Find below information about the latest confirmed speakers.

Mr. Frans Debets is a sustainable energy consultant. He supports local governments, NGO’s and business with their sustainable development policies. Sustainable energy projects always need special financial arrangements and intensive interaction with local stakeholders, this is where Frans Debets steps in. He is concerned about the growing gap between sustainable ambitions and the actual realisation of objectives; his contribution to the public debate always focuses on that subject.

Mr. Julius Ansenk, Project Manager L13-FI for NAM & Mr Jaco Fleumer, Business Development Manager at HSM Offshore. As natural gas is an essential part of the energy mix and the energy transition, NAM will play an important role in the energy transition. At Offshore Seminar they will discuss the new platforms that are being installed which are all remotely operated and powered by renewables, using the example of the L13-FI platform they jointly worked on.

Mr Martijn Beerthuizen, CEO Sophisticated Systems BV. Energy storage is a key element in the transition towards full sustainable energy production. Mr Beerthuizen will discuss the current status and the challenges that are to be found in this area, while also revealing for the first time the project he is working on with his partners.


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