Offshore Seminar 2020 – Decommissioning & Recycling

In September 2020, Brandmarion and Blue Green Feather will organise the second edition of Offshore Seminar in Rotterdam. This year’s theme is ‘Decommissioning & Recycling’. It will be the first face to face offshore seminar announced since the COVID-19 crisis.

How sustainable is this decommissioning process?
During Offshore Seminar 2020 we will go deeper into this topic. Where can the Dutch offshore industry still take steps in the decommissioning of offshore production platforms and wind turbines? What innovations are currently being developed to ensure that the decommissioning of these offshore structures takes place in the most sustainable manner? Think for example of more sustainable ships and dismantling techniques. But also, to what extent can the removed installations be recycled? How affordable is the sustainability of these activities?? 

Find out by attending the next edition of Offshore Seminar, where shared insight and expertise combine with the latest ideas and technological initiatives.

We will take all the required precautionary measures to ensure the event can take place in a COVID-19 proof setting.

The 2020 editon of Offshore Seminar will take place in September

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Learn who is pioneering change and how the industry is breaking new ground in developing sustainable energy to meet current and future challenges.
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Offshore Seminar provides a varied programme of pertinent discussion and debate, from the current state of energy portfolios and LCOE to the policies, projects and industry initiatives that are driving change. We look at the role that governments, industries and individuals play in working towards the future of sustainable energy and provide the opportunity to share knowledge, build partnerships and work more efficiently.

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